Photo by Larry Hirshowitz

SCIENCE PARK is a modern American narrative songwriting project from Los Angeles, CA.

SCIENCE PARK’s songs portray the wonder, horror, hubris, and transcendence of humans as they relate to their environment. Songs take place in midcentury passenger trains and rickety prop planes; in the California desert and the Alaskan tundra; over moonlit lakes and inside torrential rivers. They combine the literary impulses of contemporary short fiction with smart and cinematic pop chops. (Think Joy Williams collaborating with Andy Partridge, or Lorrie Moore co-writing with Robyn Hitchcock.)

SCIENCE PARK was originally conceived as a one-man bedroom synthpop project in Boston, MA, and went on to become a full touring band. This iteration existed from 1997-2001 and culminated in three albums, countless live and radio performances, and critical praise from SPIN, the Village Voice, the Advocate, the Boston Globe, and many more.

SCIENCE PARK‘s most recent album, Mercator, was released on October 5, 2018, via Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, and other outlets. You can also listen to it here.

  1. Dot Of America Science Park 3:26
  2. Sespe Love Song Science Park 3:20
  3. Salt Lake Song Science Park 4:07
  4. Over The Georgian Science Park 5:09
  5. Anaxagoras Science Park 0:57
  6. Sleep Test Science Park 5:48
  7. An Aleutian Letter Science Park 4:12
  8. 1381GSS Science Park 4:01
  9. Speaking In Tongues Science Park 3:33
  10. The Final Dream Science Park 2:30
  11. Appendix Science Park 6:31


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Also, watch the video for the first single, “1381GSS.”