PLAYLIST: Archival Soundscapes

If you don’t have time to click around the site, here’s a concentrated playlist featuring edited excerpts from Myke’s production work with archival tape and soundscapes.


Outlaws of the Airwaves: The Rise of Pirate Radio Station WBAD (Lost Notes / KCRW)
Reporter: David Goren. Release Date: 12 April 2018.

Lost Notes 1980: John Lennon & Darby Crash (Lost Notes / KCRW)
Writer: Hanif Abdurraqib. Release Date: 24 September 2020.

The Ghosts of Fire Island (UnFictional / KCRW)
Producer: Myke Dodge Weiskopf. Release Date: 3 December 2013.

R.E.M.: Half A World Away (Bent By Nature / KCRW)
Guest: Michael Stipe. Release Date: 16 December 2021.

Power to the People: Inside The Black Panthers’ R&B Band, The Lumpen (Lost Notes/KCRW)
Reporter: Peter Gilstrap. Release Date: 18 June 2020.

Radio Free (The Organist / KCRW + The Believer Magazine)
Writer: Niela Orr. Release Date: 8 April 2016.

How To Be In Two Places At Once: The Firesign Theatre in the US and Vietnam
(The Organist / KCRW + The Believer Magazine)
Writer: Jeremy Braddock. Release Date: 14 December 2017.

Glass Eye: Haywire (Bent By Nature / KCRW)
Guests: Kathy McCarty & Brian Beattie (Glass Eye). Release Date: 15 November 2021