2014 Birthday Sampler [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Freshly issued on #BuyNothingDay 2014, this free sampler contains 14 tracks drawn from the “pop-oriented” Bandcamp reissues. Containing a cross-section of favorites from the adolescent demos to the final Science Park recordings, this is a nice way to get acquainted at a remorse-free price!

30: A Retrospective 1976-2006 [2014 Remaster]

A 74-minute audio autobiography released on the occasion of my 30th birthday. Contains a wide array of stuff spanning the period 1991-2005 and favoring the more atmospheric and experimental side of my work. A few of the “hits” are here, but the album mostly focuses on the deeply personal material that I always kept for myself.

Science Park: Disinformation [15th Anniversary Expanded Edition]

The third and final Science Park album from the original era, expanded with 10 additional tracks from the early demos and studio sessions. A glossy, wide-screen affair, Disinformation was the apex of my synthpop period, lushly arranged and augmented by the members of my live band, Mike Rubin (bass) and Pete Engel (drums).

Science Park: Futurama [15th Anniversary Expanded Edition]

Science Park’s second album, lovingly remastered by yours truly in 2013 and stuffed with ten additional tracks. I made this record as a wide-eyed college undergrad, and despite the world-weary, disillusioned tone of the lyrics, it’s the most energetically poppy record in my catalogue. The bonus material contains a mix of early demos, alternate takes, and oddball experiments, as I tried to define what the “Science Park sound” would be.

Science Park: Return to Radio Valve Road: A Science Park Miscellany 1995-1998

A collection of my most personal acoustic demos and guitar-based studio tracks. I call these tracks my “late-night consolations”, usually recorded between 10 PM and 1 AM in apartments and dorm rooms in the thick of some late adolescent emotional discord. Many of these tracks predate Science Park or were recorded in the first flush of material after I conceived of the project.

The Cassette Masters (1991-1994)

This is the real wayback machine: 32 tracks from my four-track days, recorded from the ages of 14-17 and remixed from the original cassettes. I rescued a few of these songs later on for Science Park, but most of it is perfectly preserved in the amber of my adolescence: a crazy patchwork of synthpop, indie-rock, ambient house, and space-cadet tape experimentation. More fun will never be had.

At The Tone: A Little History of NIST Radio Stations WWV & WWVH

AT THE TONE is the only comprehensive audio survey of NIST Radio Stations WWV and WWVH: two legendary shortwave radio broadcasters whose primary purpose is the dissemination of scientifically precise time and frequency. First issued on cassette in 1992, this freshly-updated and remastered set represents a huge cross-section of the stations’ “life and times,” including recordings of obsolete formats, original voices and identifications, special announcements, format changes, “leap seconds,” and other aural oddities from 1955 to 2012.

The Muezzins of Mali

While traveling through Mali in January 2012, I became obsessed with recording the beautiful and haunting pre-dawn calls to prayer emanating from mosques both near and far. These recordings were made at various times and from various vantage points in the cities of Sikasso, Ségou, Timbuktu, San, and Bamako. $10 of every $15 raised will be donated to VILLAGE VENTURES, a non-governmental organization based in Diéma, Mali.

Field Recordings from Mississippi Palisades State Park (Savanna, IL)

I spent a night camping out in Mississippi Palisades State Park near Savanna, IL, in June 2014. I chose the spot due to its proximity to the local railway lines, where I had hoped to record the foggy, nostalgic sound of distant train horns. During the seven-hour session, I captured the full nocturnal chorus of the park, including owls, coyotes, crickets, dragonflies, and more. This 101-minute condensation contains all of the aforementioned elements, seamlessly edited for optimum headphone listening.

Field Recordings from the Sespe Wilderness

I backpacked into the Sespe Wilderness (Los Padres National Forest, Maricopa, CA) to visit the Sespe Hot Springs from May 27-29, 2016. Along the way, I recorded the nocturnal chorus at two waypoints along the Sespe. This release includes two long-form excerpted recordings from my travels, optimized for headphone or nighttime listening.