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UPDATE: ShortWaveMusic, Science Park, the Ordinaires, KCRW, and more…

In the music world:

I performed my eight-hour nocturnal field recording/sound art opus, SHORTWAVEMUSIC «ALL NIGHT FLIGHT», at the Radio Revolten Festival in Halle, Germany, on 2 October 2016 from 8p-6a. Listen to it in its entirety via this exclusive private link, and read an interview with the festival’s official blog. I also performed a two-hour in-studio set of ShortWaveMusic classic tracks on 5 October.

Work continues apace on Science Park’s next album, Mercator. Follow the demos playlist on Soundcloud. I’m also assembling the live configuration of the band, currently hiring three female vocalists. Contact me via the About page.

In the radio/audio world:

My long-gestating documentary on NYC’s The Ordinaires is now available in its full, unedited (non-broadcast) version: Nine Views of the Ordinaires. Also, read my interview with the official blog of Bar/None Records, the Ordinaires’ old label.

I’m working with reporter Ruxandra Guidi on her ongoing KCRW series Going Gray in L.A.which follows Broadway through the heart of some of the city’s most diverse working class neighborhoods to explore what it looks like, what it sounds like, and what it feels like to be growing old in L.A. today.

You can listen to three of my long-form field recordings from Burning Man, recorded in early September: Deep playa at 4:28 AM1:44 Alcyone Portal; Unidentified deep playa art installation.

Also in September, I engineered this interview with Jessica Bennett (Feminist Fight Club) for Girlboss Radio.

In October, I worked with reporter Karen Foshay on her two-part series for KCRW, Troubled Waters: Low Wages on the High Seas and The Secret World of Arbitration. Karen and I also collaborated on her piece on the “gig economy” in L.A. for KCRW in November.

I edited and mixed 2016 Holiday Specials for three KCRW shows in December: UnFictional, The Organist, and Here Be Monsters.

I’m currently producing an upcoming episode about Paul Bowles’s field recordings in Morocco for The Organist, which will likely premiere in January 2017.

In the writing world:

My beloved best friend, Ryko, passed away on November 28. I’m writing a blog about her life over at Medium.

UPDATE: ShortWaveMusic, Science Park, KCRW, This American Life, and more…

2016 Updates (so far):

In the music world:

I’ll be bringing the SHORTWAVEMUSIC «ALL NIGHT FLIGHT» to the Radio Revolten Festival in Halle, Germany, in early October. The FLIGHT will be performed in an all-new incarnation from 8pm-6am on October 2 at Radio Revolten Club, Rathausstraße 3.

Work continues apace on Science Park’s next album, Mercator. Follow the demos playlist on Soundcloud.

In the radio/audio world:

In April, I produced an episode of KCRW/The Believer’s podcast, The Organist, with Buzzfeed Emerging Writer Niela Orr, on the topic of Black revolutionary radio from Robert F. Williams to the rapper Busdriver.

Also in April, I engineered Jeffrey Tambor’s voiceover narration for the Augenblick Studios IndieGoGo campaign for The Adventures of Drunky.

In May, I recorded comedian Kyle Mizono live in Los Angeles for This American Life episode #587, The Perils of Intimacy.

In June, I joined the production team for the Getty Museum’s new podcast, Art + Ideas, hosted by Getty Trust president Jim Cuno. Listen at Soundcloud.

Also in June, with producer/reporter Peter Gilstrap, I produced a piece on the “cover goats” of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds for KCRW.

Also in June, I edited this live panel discussion on the cultural, neurological, and social origins of violence for KCRW.

In July, I co-produced, mixed, and edited reporter Karen Foshay’s five-part investigative news series, Burned, on human rights abuses in the restaurant industry for KCRW.

In August, I composed the theme music for Off The Block, reporter George Lavender’s investigative news series on incarceration for KCRW.

Also In August, I attended Burning Man 2016 to record Black Rock Soundprints: a series of unstructured recorded encounters with all the flora and fauna of Burning Man, including sound installations, art cars, interactive sculptures, musical performances, and other spontaneous sonic phenomena.

…and a bunch of other production gigs that haven’t shaken out of the production cycle yet. Stay tuned for more!

UPDATE: Science Park, KCRW

Winter 2015 Updates:

In the music world…

Science Park played its first show since 2007 (and second since 2001) at a private party on December 12, 2015. This was the live performance debut of material to be featured on my next album, Mercator. For an encore, I played Roxy Music’s “Avalon” and “Boredom & Beauty” from my 1998 album, Futurama. If you’d like to see a video of the performance, please get in touch.

In the radio world…

For KCRW, I edited and mixed Matt Guilhem’s news piece on’s seasonal warehouse hiring practices in the Inland Empire. (No link online for this piece.)

I mixed “The Long Commute”, the fifth installment of David Weinberg’s series for KCRW about life in South L.A., Below the Ten.

Also for KCRW, I mixed George Lavender’s two-parter on the use of tasers by law enforcement officers in L.A. and beyond.

I mixed and edited The Organist’s holiday special for KCRW, in collaboration with McSweeney’s. I also assembled and mixed KCRW’s UnFictional holiday special.

UPDATE: KCRW, This American Life,, and more…

Autumn 2015 updates:

In August, I spent a week in NYC recording 15 interviews for the previously-announced Ordinaires documentary, which is currently in production.

I also composed the original score for an (as-yet-unaired) podcast pilot for a prominent local art museum.

In September, I edited and mixed Housed: Life on Skid Row, a five-part news series for KCRW produced by Lisa Napoli which aired on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

I also edited and mixed Sonia Narang’s news report on My Health LA for KCRW.

In October, I recorded the first three inaugural episodes of #girlboss radio,’s new podcast hosted by Sophia Amoruso (Nasty Gal) and produced by Shara Morris.

I also recorded the Julia Lillis segment on This American Life episode #571: The Heart Wants What It Wants.

In November, I edited and mixed Rebecca Kanthor’s story on the export of American apples to China for KCRW’s Good Food.

I’m also co-producing, editing, and mixing a forthcoming piece for KCRW’s UnFictional on mixtapes.

Most recently, I’ve begun research on a radio documentary on Kurdish expatriates in the United States, specifically the dengbêj: the Kurdish oral historians whose singing and storytelling traditions were decimated by the forceful oppression of Kurdish culture, but which have experienced a recent resurgence in Turkey. I’m interested in tracking the tradition as it exists among Kurdish communities throughout the U.S.

UPDATE: The Ordinaires

I’ve just started work on a long-form radio documentary on an exciting, important, and under-appreciated band from early-’80s NYC, The Ordinaires. My involvement with the band goes back to my earliest experiments with ‘zine culture and self-publishing in junior high school (1989-1990). The band has remained on my mind and in my playlists since then, and while there have been other folks who’ve picked up aspects of the “avant-chamber-rock” idea since the Ordinaires, I don’t think anyone has truly walked down the road they paved. I’ll use the band’s incredible and incendiary music as a backdrop to tell a rich and multi-layered story about how they came to be and where they ended up. Confirmed participants include the Ordinaires themselves, Elliott Sharp, Gary Ray Bucarcic and John Gernand (Darinka), Michael Dorf (Knitting Factory), Glenn Morrow (Bar/None Records), Jamie Kitman (Hornblow Group), Bill Krauss (record producer), and more to be announced.

UPDATE: Studio 360, USC Annenberg, KCRW’s Good Food, Dramatists Guild

My profile on the Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War recently aired on WNYC’s Peabody Award-winning program, Studio 360. The Wende has called the profile “insightful and thoughtful.” Listen to it here.

My collaboration with the students of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and Bending Borders is now available. The one-hour special is called BETWEEN HOMELANDS and profiles nine immigrants who left their homelands for America, but now find themselves somewhere in between. Listen to it here.

I also recently mixed a feature for KCRW’s Good Food on a Vietnamese bánh mi restaurant in Orange County. Listen to it here.

In the corporeal world, I appeared on a radio drama panel at the Dramatists Guild of America’s annual conference in San Diego on 17 July 2015.

I have a few more profiles and pieces in the works … Stand by as usual for details!

UPDATE: KCRW, USC/Annenberg, Science Park

My latest piece for KCRW’s documentary series, UnFictional, premieres on 22 May 2015. Based on an interview with Mahmoud Reza Banki, the ten-minute piece recounts his time spent in Federal prison on charges of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. I edited and mixed the piece (based on an interview conducted by Nick White) and composed an all-original score and sound design. Listen to the story.

This week, I’m also mixing and editing a new one-hour special in collaboration with the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and Bending Borders. The special is called BETWEEN HOMELANDS and features short pieces by radio journalism students at the Annenberg School.

I’ve started a SoundCloud playlist for the new Science Park album, MERCATOR. I’ve started the process of recording the final working demos, in advance of hiring the band and performing live. Eventually, the entire album will be available in demo form. Check back or Like the playlist to get updates.

UPDATE: Cody Bayne, Radio Art 106fm, dublab, Science Park

Please join me on Saturday, 31 January 2015 at 7:00 PM at Gold Haus Gallery in Los Angeles to celebrate the unveiling of my collaboration with Los Angeles-based visual artist Cody Bayne. I’ve produced an all-original, one-hour sound art piece to accompany an installation for Bayne’s solo exhibition, NONEXTANT. I’ll be on hand to chat about the work from 7-10 PM.

Also: on Sunday, 25 January 2015, the Israeli radio station 106fm will feature 30mins of my work on a radio art show hosted by producer Meira Asher. Listen to the show here.

On 21 January 2015, I appeared on the venerable dublab radio station with Mike Harding from Touch and sound artist BJNilsen, aka HAZARD. We appeared on dublab’s “Elevation Through Sound” show (traditionally hosted by Alejandro Cohen) to spin sound art, field recordings, and excerpts from the ShortWaveMusic catalogue. Listen to the show here.

I will be taking a break from sound art for a while to focus on writing the new Science Park album (now called MERCATOR) and reconfiguring the band for live performance in Los Angeles. Stand by for details…

UPDATE: Reina Sofía, Bandcamp Sampler, Cody Bayne

INCIDENTS IN THE ETHER, my original sound-art commission for Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain, is now live via their Reina Sofía Museum Radio (RRS) service. The piece is part of their podcast series on Modernity and Transduction.

In recognition of my birthday (11 December), a free 14-track sampler from my archival Bandcamp releases is now available. It includes pop-oriented tracks from each of the Science Park and Myke Weiskopf compilations, as well as material from forthcoming reissues. Stream and download it here.

In January 2015, I will be collaborating with Los Angeles-based visual artist Cody Bayne on a sound-art installation at Gold Haus Gallery. The installation will involve original field recordings and manipulations based on incidental audio gathered throughout L.A. More information to follow.

UPDATE: Burning Man, Reina Sofía, ShortWaveMusic

I’ve just come back from Burning Man 2014 with 4,771 minutes (or) 79 hours (or) 3.3 days of audio. My Burn this time didn’t really allow for a whole lot of alone time, so I don’t promise that any version of this stuff will make for public listening, but we’ll see. Perhaps just a few vignettes here and there on SoundCloud.

I’ve also recently turned in a 40-minute original sound-art composition for Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain, for their Reina Sofía Museum Radio (RRS) service. The piece is called “Incidents in the ether” and will be premiering as part of their podcast series sometime in the next few months. I’ll keep you apprised.

Lastly, some less optimistic news about the (temporary) future of the ShortWaveMusic project: Due to the fact that my top planned destinations have slid into chaos once again (Somalia/Somaliland, Iraqi Kurdistan), I’m not sure what the future holds for my beloved little endeavor at this exact moment. The U.S. seems to be in full-on enemy-making mode again, and I’m not sure I can justify an ethnographic sound trip under present circumstances. We’ll see if any opportunities present themselves, but it’s radio silence for the time being. Plenty of other projects to keep me busy around here. I never give up on anything, though, so don’t be too discouraged.

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