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Myke Dodge Weiskopf on Socotra, March 2013. Photograph by Kelly Davidson Savage.
Photograph: Myke in the Dixam Plateau, Socotra, March 2013, by Kelly Davidson Savage.

Hi there. I’m an award-winning radio producer, field recordist, broadcast artist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Los Angeles, CA.

My work can be found here under four broad categories:

Radio Production

I’m the staff producer for KCRW’s Independent Producer Project, providing independent and freelance contributors with development, production, and editorial tools to help bring their stories to KCRW’s listeners. As a freelance radio producer, editor, engineer, mixer, composer, and music supervisor, my clientele includes This American Life, BBC, 99% Invisible, New Yorker Radio Hour (WNYC), Slate.com, the Getty Museum (Los Angeles), National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Studio 360 (WNYC),TED Radio Hour (NPR), Latino USA, On the Media (WNYC), Monocle, and many others. In a former life, I was the Senior Radio Producer for L.A. Theatre Works (2008-2016).

Adventures in Sound

My primary passion is field recording, and I’ve traveled around the world (and the Americas) to capture rich and evocative sonic landmarks and soundprints. I’ve recorded the songs of ritual drummers on the archipelago of Socotra; pre-dawn calls to prayer in rural Mali; the haunting sounds of train horns in the California desert; unique folkloric singing in the mountains of Bulgaria; and much more. I also collect vintage recordings of diaphonic foghorns, virtually all of which have been decommissioned in lighthouses around the United States and Europe.


ShortWaveMusic (2005-2014) was a global sound series which aimed to preserve the sound of regional and international broadcasting around the world. Traveling with my radios to electrically-quiet deserts, mountains, and open plains, I recorded hundreds of hours of music and speech from radio stations on every continent, with a particular interest in transmissions from Africa and the Middle East. The project is currently on the back-burner as I pursue other opportunities.

Myke Music

I began my life as a musician, and all of my projects stem from that initial impulse to create, collate, and share the sounds which speak to me in some elemental way. I grew up outside of Chicago and developed a musical style influenced by the electronic pop of my youth and more esoteric personal influences such as shortwave radio and the industrial architecture of the Midwest. I moved to Boston in 1995, re-branded myself as Science Park, and put out three self-played and self-produced CDs: Science Park (1997), Futurama (1998), and Disinformation (2000). I subsequently put out a commemorative anthology of my early music and sound-art for my 30th birthday in 2006. A new Science Park album, Mercator (2016), is currently in the works.

I’m always happy to discuss new work and commissions, or just shoot the breeze about whatever’s here. Feel free to contact me via any of the social media links indicated above, or send me an old-fashioned e-mail via the contact form below. Thanks for stopping by!

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